Basic Choices in Portable Electric Space Heaters

Adrian Miroslaw

There are many different types of portable space heaters on the market today. This vast selection includes portable electric space heater, portable gas space heater, radiant bar heater and the delonghi portable electric space heater. Choosing the right portable electric space heater is very important to get the most heat in the smallest amount of space. In order to do that, you have to take the time to consider what each type of heater does.

Types of Portable Space Heaters The most common types of portable space heaters are the electrical portable heaters. These portable heaters are powered by one or two standard household electrical outlets. They come in two formats, one being the portable electric heater that produces the maximum amount of heat and can be plugged directly into any wall outlet and the other being the radiant bar heater that produces a wider temperature response. Radiant bar heaters can be used to heat large areas without much room heat. They tend to produce a cooler, more comfortable temperature than portable electric heaters because of their smaller size.

Most portable electric space heater models come in portable versions that operate using propane gas or an automotive gasoline fuel source. Propane space heaters can take any shape including upright cylinders and can be used in any room in the house. They can also be used outdoors. Automotive gasoline portable heaters are available in single, double and even triple burner models. They are available in both small and large sizes, depending on your personal preference.

The second most common type of portable space heater is the electric radiant bar heater. This portable heater uses convection to heat the room rather than radiant heat. These types of space heaters are most often used outdoors on porches and patios. They are the most cost effective of all portable space heaters because of their small size.

If you are looking for a space heater that generates maximum heat, then you may want to look at the portable electric radiant bar heater. They tend to use less energy than other types of portable heaters because they run on electricity and have an oscillating fan which helps to distribute the heat. One of their unique features is that the fan can turn off and on automatically based on the temperature level. This feature allows the homeowner to reduce their reliance on their central air conditioning system.

Another popular portable heater is the portable MR. Heater. This portable device runs on propane but uses a counter-rotating fan that generates an extremely warm air stream. This stream of warm air heats the room in about 10 minutes. This device is great for heating up an entire room quickly. The downside to using this type of space heater is that it does tend to generate a bit of noise. If you are trying to stay quiet, then this could be a good choice for you.

High efficiency space heaters such as the ionization space heater use a technology that combines the best features of both radiant and electric heaters. This unique combination allows for even heating and very little noise. The biggest drawback to these devices is that they are typically only powered by electricity. If your power doesn't come from an electrical source, then you won't be able to operate an ionization heater. Because of this, you will need to rely on battery power in order to operate a quiet, efficient space heater.

Finally, one of the best portable electric space heater options is the portable gas space heater. These heaters utilize propane as a source of heat instead of electricity and run on natural gas. Because they run on natural gas, they can also be used in more remote areas where electricity might not be available. As you can see, there are plenty of different heat output choices that you can make when you are looking for a space heater.