Installing Automatic Locks - Smart Locks For Homes With Key Service

Gualberto Casimiro

Smart locks are modern security measures that enable you to open doors without using any key. In addition, a smart lock is also controlled remotely via a smartphone. Some smart locks come with a numeric keypad inside the lock for manually entering a desired access code. The lock may connect to your home Wi-Fi network, as a result of which you'll easily get the code from your smartphone.

While using a smart lock, all keys used to unlock the door must be the same - you wouldn't want to give a key to somebody else. This is because if you have two people that have different keys, such as for instance, an employee and a partner, and they both need to use the same door, what happens when you unlock the door accidentally? Both the keys are compromised and therefore the door cannot be opened by a single key.

This is why smart door devices use biometric solutions. By having a set of fingerprints, or a series of fingerprints submitted through a secure server (such as Google), the doors can be opened with only one single key. Once the door is opened, it can then verify the fingerprints presented by the potential user and only allow access to that person. Therefore, you can feel safe that your house is safe even when somebody has to go in and out.

Apart from this, a good smart locks system also has a smart keypad. The smart keypad is usually made up of a touch-sensitive surface that can either be used to simply input a code or a hardware button. On most modern systems, you can even configure the keypad so that it is able to light up, vibrate, or even flash if the house is being burglarized. The touch-sensitive surface is also usually surrounded by a small solid sensor that will identify whether a finger is detected on the keypad.

One of the most common features of smart locks weiser lock systems is the presence of door knobs. Door knobs are what allows people to enter a restricted area; therefore, you should ensure that your house is equipped with sufficient number of door knobs. A good number of door knobs is something that you should always keep in mind. Some homeowners prefer to install four door knobs while others prefer to have five knobs. As mentioned before, the number of door knobs you have will determine how difficult it is for a criminal to break into your house. A knob with a smooth surface is more likely to be picked up, therefore increasing your level of security even further.

Apart from door knobs, you can also use other types of door hardware including deadbolts and key-delivery devices. The installation of a deadbolt is usually a lengthy process that takes around four hours. However, the installation of a deadbolt is often accompanied by a high-quality deadbolt lock which is usually very difficult to pick. This high-quality lock is usually made using a combination of materials including ceramic, stainless steel and diamond.

On the other hand, a person who wants to install smart locks must make sure that he has the right tools. Yale KWIs or Yale Deadbolt Knives are popular brand names in the world of deadbolts and lock-building equipment. These brands are known for their durability and heavy duty operation. You can find both commercial and residential models of yale kwikset at local home depots and hardware stores. If you opt for the installation of a deadbolt in your home, you must be ready to part with some serious amount of cash.

However, the benefits of a lock will come into play only if you have the requisite tools and equipment. Without these, the whole idea of installing locks is definitely a deadlock. Hence, before you go on with the process of installing a lock at home, take a trip to a hardware store and buy the required tools. For example, if you want to install a new lock in your child's bedroom, you need to buy a pair of keys with a chip or a thumb depressor. Otherwise, if you need to replace your existing lock, you must make sure that you have a spare set of keys that you can use without having to give out your spare keys.