Radar Detector Systems - Which Radar Detectors Should I Recommend?

Donatella Assunta

radar detectors are not only a safe and economical option for increasing the safety of your vehicle, but also an excellent option for protecting yourself when out on the road. Choosing the right radar detector is the first step to an enjoyable driving experience. It does not matter whether you need basic protection or top of the line, all detector products have something to offer. Escort Radar Detector is rated top of the line in radar detectors, proving its worth with its exceptional range, easy to use controls and ease of installation.

The Escort Radar Detector continues to improve with technology with the latest product offering the most precise readings with a wider frequency coverage and improved dual antennas. The updated technology allows for better detection of other radar detected cars and improves your detection range even further. The upgraded Super Charger system gives an extra boost to your radar detector enjoyment as it automatically increases its strength when there are low levels of surrounding aircraft. Plus the new Flow Directional Conditioning System ensures your detector remains alert at all times.

The all encompassing windshield mount for radar detectors and other electronics continues to evolve. With the Escort Max 3, you get a built in protection that includes a shatter proof windshield and multi-point locking. With the shatter proof windshield it is impossible for the average driver to crack the windshield. The multi-point locking feature protects your radar detector from becoming disabled while it is stuck to the windshield. The windshield mount for radar detectors and other electronics is made of rugged, lightweight aluminum and the installation is a breeze with a two prong installation.

With the new car security system that you get with the Escort Radar Detectors and other electronics, you get the best of both worlds. You have the ability to install your own radar detectors and other electronics into your car without having to wait for aftermarket products to arrive. That way you are able to quickly customize your new car with the latest in car security technology.

Along with the upgraded systems for radar detectors, you get the new "Apps" for your smartphone and other electronics. The newest of these Apps, the Oled Multi-Color Alert Filter, can be used on any of your smart phones or PDA's. This clever filter takes the image you see on your digital display and alters it for a colored background. That way if you are driving by a police car, a red alert will pop up instead of the usual yellow one for speed traps. You are also alerted to any other traffic that may be on the road.

For added peace of mind the escorts have a double-sided shield that fits on the windshield as well. When it is not on, it folds up into a neat little rectangle and can be hidden away. The Oled Multi-Color Alert Filter works well and the protection has proven strong over time. The real-time alerts and the ability to customize your alerts are very important to the drivers of your fleet vehicles. The real-time alerts will notify your escorts of anything that is moving on the road even if you are not actively monitoring the situation.

For those of you who need to use one of the radar detectors but don't want to have to carry an arsenal of devices around you can choose the max radar guns. The max guns are very easy to use and can be used with any handheld transducer. The max guns work well with the latest radar guns and will allow you to make more accurate radar detector readings. The range on these escorts is anywhere from five to eight miles when set for maximum sensitivity. This is more than sufficient to keep you safe on all roads in your area.

If you would recommend only one piece of equipment for your fleet of vehicles it would be the escort radar detectors. If you want to give them to your drivers as a promotional item you could choose the escortmax3. The brand new technology used in this device would make it the best choice for your company. It would be a good idea to look into all of the features and the reviews for this item before you decide to purchase one. The escort detectors would keep you and your escort units protected in every situation.