Patio Heaters

Eloise Muriel

Using patio heaters has become a popular option for many home owners in recent years. There is an endless selection of patio heaters from which to choose. Some heat the patio directly, and some are more adept at warming the patio indirectly. The Amazons patio heater range is well known for its range of indirect heaters that are extremely popular. These are a great choice for any home owner who is looking to warm their patio space.

Not all patio heaters function well under the patio because some such as the standing stick patio heaters emit too much heat and smoke that can prove to be harmful if not knocked over or spilled on. Also, think about the level of heat being produced by the unit to ensure you don't end up damaging your patio cover. A good rule of thumb is to never use a patio heater with a propane tank. In fact, many manufacturers state that a propane tankless heater will not function safely under certain conditions.

For these reasons, it is always safe to opt for a patio heater that uses a gas or oil-fueled table top patio heater. With these types of heaters, the flame ignites the oil or gas inside the cylinder and releases heat as the fuel blows through the air vent, thus providing direct warmth to the patio area. The propane tankless models do not suffer from these issues, so they are a good choice for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Another popular option with the home owner is the chiminea or pyramid patio heaters, which come in a variety of sizes and fuel choices. They offer an efficient alternative to standard patio heaters, but they are not as common. These heaters can work well for a small or compact area because of their size. Some patio heaters, such as the Azusa Azpa heater, even come with a chimney starter for those who wish to heat their patio from the outside.

Another option is the amazonbasics commercial outdoor patio heater, which is manufactured by reputable heating contractors in both the United States and abroad. This heater offers higher wattage output than some of its competitors. It offers a thermostat with a safety switch that allows the unit to automatically heat the outdoor area. The amazonbasics commercial outdoor patio heater also has five season settings, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Most units have a cord or a plug attached to the wall for easy installation.

The third type of patio heater available to consumers is the electric ignition system. Electric outdoor heaters are usually operated using propane gas. This type of patio heater can be used to warm an entire patio or a specific portion of it. Electric patio heaters are more efficient when compared to other types of outdoor heaters, and the electric ignition system provides a safer method of operation than other types of outdoor heaters. When using the electric ignition system, make sure that your patio heaters are kept in a safe place. The electric ignition system may malfunction if it gets too hot and touches an open flame.

The last type of patio heaters is the bromic or radiant patio heaters, which are known for their efficiency and safety features. They produce minimal heat, but produce radiant heat that warms the air surrounding it. This type of patio heater is not very common. Only a select few companies manufacture them.

Each of these types of patio heaters will give you different BTUs. Your intended temperature will help determine the appropriate BTU output for your patio heater. For example, the highest output would be necessary if you want to heat a large patch of grass. On the other hand, if you are looking for an affordable patio heater, you can get a 48000 btu stainless steel patio heater. This unit is one of the best heat output for small patios.