Make-Up Remover Buyer’s Guide

Daniel Wellington

Women and men around the world rely on make-up each day to look and feel their best. When it comes to the end of the day, one of the worst parts about wearing make-up is having to try and take it off. If you’ve ever woken up with panda eyes because your make-up remover wasn’t effective enough, you’ll know how challenging it can be to find a product that removes every last bit of your make-up. To help you out with this task, we’ve put together our make-up remover buyer’s guide, so you can go to sleep each day with a clean face.

Eye Make-Up Remover

Our eyes are the most sensitive part of our face, and it’s where we plaster on a lot of make-up each day. If you usually wear mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow each day, you’ll want to ensure you find a good make-up remover to take these off properly before bedtime. It can be so dangerous for your eyes to leave these products on overnight, and especially if you have sensitive eyes, you may find that they cause irritation and dryness. Find an eye make-up remover that’s specifically formulated for use on that part of the face, and that will remove every last drop of your mascara.

Many of us wear waterproof mascara, as this is an excellent tool for everyday wear. However, these long-lasting mascaras are often nearly impossible to remove with a basic make-up remover. For that reason, look for an oil-based make-up remover that is reasonably mild on your skin. When comparing your eye make-up remover options, always check out the ingredients list. So many facial products contain harsh chemicals, which will leave you rubbing your eyes all night long. Look for natural products where possible, as these will be much gentler on your skin.  

Common Make-Up Remover Types

Choosing a make-up remover can be very overwhelming, as there are so many different options online and in stores. You will usually find liquid, oil, gel, and foam make-up removers, and these can all be effective. Keep in mind the type of skin you have when you are choosing a make-up remover, as you’ll want to find one that won’t irritate dry skin or make oily skin too greasy. A cream cleanser is a good option to start off with, as the cream will be absorbed easily by your skin. Your skin will be left feeling refreshed and hydrated, and it’s generally a better option than other make-up removers.

Make-Up Wipes

Another option is to use make-up remover wipes, however, this is something many consumers are trying to avoid nowadays. These make-up remover wipes often end up flushed down toilets or in landfills and are incredibly detrimental to the environment. If you are going to rely on make-up wipes, look for compostable ones, but keep in mind, they may still take years to disintegrate. We recommend you avoid make-up wipes apart from when you are out and about or travelling. Instead, opt for reusable make-up remover cloths, which can be effective and washed after each use. You’ll find that these are a much better option for the environment, and you’ll feel less guilty using this type of make-up remover. In fact, there are some clever cloths which naturally remove make-up without a product, and these are ideal for anyone to use when travelling.

Natural Make-Up Removers

More individuals than ever before are looking for eco-friendly alternatives for make-up removers. If you are trying to avoid putting chemicals on your skin or using products that are tested on animals, you’ll have no issue finding a suitable solution for removing your make-up. Natural products will contain natural ingredients, such as fruit and natural oils. You’ll find they are much gentler on your skin, but if you have very sensitive skin, you may still need to be careful. If you struggle with these products, you can even consider making your own make-up remover with milk or natural oils. Purchase a cleansing cloth and wipe these gently over your skin to remove your make-up without hurting yourself.

Working With Your Budget

When it comes to buying make-up remover, you don’t need to break the bank with this purchase. You’ll find plenty of good options for just a few dollars, but of course, there are designer brands that will cost you more. It’s all about finding a solution that’s effective for your skin and the type of make-up you wear. It doesn’t matter how much the product costs if it doesn’t work properly, so try out a few different options to find a product that will become a staple part of your routine.

Make-up remover is something that anyone who wears make-up will wear every day. You won’t need to spend a fortune to find an effective make-up remover, but sometimes it takes a little bit of experimentation to find a solution that works for your skin type. Try to find something that’s reasonably gentle for using around the eyes and lips, and that doesn’t cause irritation or dryness after use. You’ll then be able to use this product every day so that you give your skin some space to breathe each night when you head to bed.