Herbicide For Creepy Charley


When it comes to herbicide for creeping Charlie many gardeners wonder how to go about choosing a good herbicide. You can get a simple spray that is non selective. Or you can use a specially formulated herbicide for this pest. In either case you should be sure that you follow the label directions carefully.

Ordinary dishwashing detergent works well for most weed killing chores. Choose Scotts Turf Cleaner Weed Feed 3 to get it on the low side and other listed weeds while keeping your grass green while protecting your grass from an over watering. Or, you may want to try a commercial weed killer with a broad spectrum of pesticides. Always dilute before applying. The same goes for any liquid that you apply to your garden or lawn as an herbicide.

Herbicide for creeping charlie that is designed for the turf is called Green Safflower Leaf Herbicide. This product is formulated to control all types of creeping hitchhiking grasses, such as the turf grass and Kentucky Bluegrass. It will control both the underground stem and the above ground stem. The great thing about this formula is that it does not affect the foliage.

If you are thinking about a more organic approach to weed killing you might want to try a formulation of Bentonite. This ingredient works well with many types of plants that are susceptible to creeping growth. If your plants are susceptible it will keep them from getting damaged by cutting off the main stem. This herbicide for creeping hitchhikers also keeps the grass healthy by limiting the ability of the plant to feed by destroying the root ball which can sometimes choke out the nutrients needed by the grass to survive.

If you are looking for herbicide for creeping charlie that will work on larger areas, you might want to try a liquid treatment made with diatomaceous earth. This weed killer works best on very large areas that have very deep roots. You will need to apply the weed killer in the evening before the sun goes down. The ground will quickly begin drying up because of the heavy concentration of the chemicals in the soil. You will see black specks in the soil when the ground is dry.

A slow release herbicide that works well for weed control on small areas is Dicamba herbicide for creeping hitchhikers. If you are growing plants around a flowerbed, you could use the weed killer Dicamba for Creeping Charlie. This herbicide is available in a liquid form. You spray the grass a few times a week in spring and summer until the clover begins to emerge. Then just cover the grass with the Dicamba and let it sit.

If you have a lot of stubborn clover, such as bluegrass or rye, you should consider using an herbicide that not only destroys the clover, but also damages the root system so other insects do not kill your grass. Weed killers such as Garden Designer and Bifen brands can help control the clover, but they are not designed to protect your turf. To protect your turf, choose a turf protection product such as Imodium. Imodium is a salt-based lawn weed killer that bonds with soil and grass roots. It combines a peat moss-like substance with an aluminum oxide crystal to form a shield that limits the penetration of other chemicals.

There are many other organic or natural herbicides on the market that can be used on creeping hitchhikers and other weeds. Before using any herbicide, be sure to test the soil first to make sure you are not adding an herbicide that will kill your plants. And always follow directions on the herbicide container to the letter. A little bit goes a long way when it comes to herbicides. With proper care and maintenance, your lawn will stay green will keep the bugs away!