Which Models Are the Most Powerful?

Mark Preston

Most people who travel carry their own portable vacuum cleaners and have to pull out their canister vacuums when they need to clean up around the car. The main problem with portable vacuum cleaners is that one has to carry it somewhere, whether it is to the car or back seat or even in another room. This can be quite cumbersome and it can make a car ride much less enjoyable. There are many reasons why a person would want to purchase a handheld vacuum cleaner instead of one of the bigger units like a canister or upright cleaner.

First of all, a handheld vacuum cleaner is much easier and more convenient to use on long trips. Most importantly, though, it can make a more pleasant experience not only for the passenger but for the driver. Handheld vacuums are very small and lightweight, usually just smaller than a cigarette packet. They are also easier to stow as luggage, especially if it is briefcases or backpacks.

There are actually two main types of handheld vacuum cleaners. The first is the traditional upright cleaner, which is popular for its powerful suction power and ability to pick up large amounts of debris. The second type of portable vacuum is known as a canister vacuums. Canister vacuums have a hose with a long wand that is similar to the wand of a smaller vacuum cleaner. Many canister vacuums still come with the option of a rechargeable battery. Some people find this an inconvenient, but there are other handheld vacuums that come with rechargeable batteries.

Handheld vacs have come a long way in recent years and it is now possible to find them that will clean up messes on any level. If you only use your handheld vacuum to clean up small messes on your furniture or hard floors, you should consider buying a model that is specifically made to do so. The majority of handheld vacs will be able to pick up a variety of different types of dirt, including pet hair, dryer lint and dust. They are also equipped with filters that will trap most common household allergens such as mold and dust mites.

Small messes can often be difficult to clean up, but large messes can also be awkward to clean up in tight places. It is important to have a good vacuum that will not create any embarrassing moments while cleaning. One of the best features of handheld vacuums is their versatility. Small messes can often become big messes when they become full of dirt and debris that are impossible to get out with a big vacuum.

Handheld vacuum cleaners come with many different attachments that make them easier to clean different surfaces. A good example is the handy crevice cleaner. These attach to the bottom of the handheld vacuums and allow you to reach into small crevices, underneath furniture, or other hard to reach areas. They can remove soil, crumbs, and even hair from your furniture without you having to get a separate vacuum cleaner with crevice attachments.

Handheld vacuums come with a variety of different power options. You can choose between corded or cordless styles, or you can pick a model with a battery or an AC adapter. Battery powered vacuums allow you to use them anywhere there is power, but batteries can also be a drain on your battery if you do not use them often, so it is a good idea to purchase a long-term battery that will last you for several hours.

Shop vac models are a popular choice because of their affordable price tag and deep cleaning power. Shop vacs use suction to take out debris from your floor or upholstery. Suction power is much stronger than vibratory power, which means it is easier to work with. They are also better at picking up pet hair than vibratory shop vacs because the suction picks up the hair and crumbs from your pet's fur rather than the dirt. Shop vacs are a great option if you want a vacuum with lots of suction power and little to no waste.