Pros and Cons of a GPS Cat Tracker

Camilo Heliodoro

A portable gps tracking system is a great tool to have around your home, especially if you're trying to get a good picture of your furry friend. The Tractive GPS cat tracker lets you keep track of your cat's location even without her collar by displaying their exact location through the free downloadable Tractive GPS cat tracker app. You can view your cat's activity details and watch how they are going throughout the entire day so you can keep track of their progress.

The main attraction of this gps pet tracker is the fact that it is a completely waterproof gps which means it can be used in wet areas as well as dry ones. This means that your kitty doesn't have to worry about getting stuck in a wet or cold area whilst on the road trip. Plus, if you have an active outdoor cat then you'll know they love to explore their surroundings. When you use a waterproof tracking app for your pet cat then you can be sure they can head out to explore any areas they fancy, no matter what the weather forecast has to offer.

A lot of the pet gps trackers on the market have a number of cons attached to them. Despite the manufacturers of these systems saying they are completely safe, consumers have raised concerns over whether these devices are actually doing what they claim to do. One of the main pros for these systems is the fact that they are fully waterproof, which provides complete peace of mind for both you and your pet. These devices also have a number of pros when it comes to tracking your cat as they have a large storage capacity to store the data from several cats.

Another con to these mobile signal cat trackers is the monthly subscription fees that many retailers charge for these systems. There are many that cost up to seventy-five dollars. Many consumers have expressed frustration with having to pay so much money up front, especially when they can spend less than twenty dollars on another system that has a similar feature to the GPS cat trackers. Another con to the GPS cat trackers is that if the battery life on the device runs out then you won't be able to track your cat. Therefore, if you don't want to be without tracking your cat then make sure you have a long enough battery on the system you are considering to purchase.

The whistle gps pet tracker offers the same benefits as the regular cat GPS trackers. The only difference is it's smaller and more stylish. This gps pet tracker will allow you to see where your cat is at all times and will give you the option of sending text message or email alerts if they go outside of the safe zones that you have set up. You will be alerted by phone call or email whenever your cat is outside of their safe zone. The nice thing about this mobile app is you will know within five to ten minutes whether your cat is in the safe zones or out in the open.

The real time tracking feature will allow you to view your cat's activity history in three different categories. You will see their activity log in real-time, the GPS map of where they were last saved, and a tab where you can view the location history. In the location history tab you will see the date and time that each area was last viewed. If you have questions about how your cat is being tracked, most manufactures have a toll-free number you can call to report any suspicious activity.

Some of the pros to the whistle gps cat tracker is that its small size makes them easy to mount on your cat's collar. It also can be removed very easily without alerting your cat that something is going on. Some other pros to the cat tracker are the ease of operating it and its ability to track multiple cats at once. Another pro is the fact that you can see your cat wherever you go as long as they have an active gps sensor installed. These pros are some of the more obvious benefits of the cat tracker, but there are some cons to consider as well.

Some of the cons to the GPS cat trackers include a small price tag, battery life, and limited mapping. Other cons to this tracking system are that they tend to get lose and get confused with other signals, and they can only track cats within a two foot radius. These drawbacks, however, make these gps wireless trackers a great way to let you know if your cat is outside or not, especially if you don't want to send out the alarm.