Choosing the Best Carry-On Bag for Your Upcoming Trip

Mark Preston

With the world reopening, many of us are planning our next trip abroad and can’t wait to head on a plane and explore the world. If you are planning a trip this year, you’ll likely want to maximize your luggage allowance in order to fit as many belongings as possible into your hand luggage. Today we’re going to take a deeper look into the best carry-on bags on offer. We’ll discuss what you should look for in a good carry-on bag, which will allow you to make the most of your luggage allowance when travelling by plane this year.

The Size of the Bag

Before purchasing a carry-on bag for an upcoming trip, you’ll want to check with your airline the size requirements for their carry-on bags. These vary between each airline, and especially if you opt to travel with a budget carrier, you’ll find they might be much stricter about carry-on baggage. The type of bag you choose to buy might make a difference to the size, as a soft backpack or holdall will be able to compress down a little in comparison to a suitcase. We encourage you to avoid taking a bag that you know is too big for your trip, as you may find yourself unpacking and repacking all of your belongings on the airport floor.

The Type of Bag

When it comes to selecting your carry-on bag, you’ll find a good range of options on offer. Small carry-on suitcases are very popular options, and many people use these in order to travel without a checked-in bag. If you are planning to do this, remember that you are very limited by the liquid allowance, which can be challenging when packing toiletries for a longer trip.

carry-on backpack is a good option for anyone who is looking for a smaller bag, and these are easy to carry around during your trip and at the airport. You’ll find these are great for anyone travelling for business, who may have a laptop they need to carry in their bag. Finally, holdalls are good for carrying softer items, such as clothes and shoes, but they can be heavier for carrying around. Look for one which has a few different strap options, so you can keep changing over how you carry the bag to avoid injuring your back.

The Material of Your Bag

The material of your bag will generally impact the durability and number of uses you get out of the bag. The type of bag you buy will also affect the type of material used, and many suitcases rely on canvas, which is a durable material for this type of bag. When purchasing a backpack, we encourage you to look for a water-resistant bag, as this will be good to use on your days out as well as during your trip. Leather is also a good material for holdalls or backpacks, and this can be a very durable option. Make sure that the material of the bag is thick enough to avoid tearing, as this will reduce the time you can use your bag for.

The Number of Pockets in Your Bag

For anyone who regularly travels, you’ll know how useful pockets can be when packing. Pockets allow you to organize your belongings and keep your most precious items close to hand. When you are rushing through the airport, there’s nothing worse than spending time searching for your passport in a rush, only to be stressed about where it’s gone. If you are travelling for business, you’ll also find pockets to be useful for storing your laptop, tablet, and any paperwork you may need to travel with. Look for a bag or suitcase with a good variety of pockets, which will allow you to store items of different sizes with ease.

The Design of Your Carry-On Bag

Finally, after deciding on the type of bag you are after, you’ll then be able to spend time choosing a bag that fits your personal style. Bags come in all colours, sizes, and designs, and you’ll find something that’s fun to wear every day. A good carry-on bag may also come in handy in your everyday life, and you can enjoy using it every day to head to work or school. Look for a neutral-coloured bag if you are looking to use it for school or work, or choose something brighter for personal use. Try to find a carry-on bag that fits your needs and personality, and you’ll feel confident wearing it every time you travel.

There’s so much to consider when it comes to purchasing a carry-on bag, so we encourage you to avoid rushing this purchasing decision where possible. Take your time to think about when and where you will use this bag, so you can purchase a versatile bag that you’ll enjoy using for many years to come. It’s such an exciting time as the world starts to reopen, and we can’t wait to head back out and begin exploring again. If you enjoy travelling as much as we do, start thinking about your carry-on baggage now, so when the time comes for you to travel again, you’ll be ready to pack your bag and head out to explore the world.