Choosing a New Ironing Board for Your Home

Mark Preston

After purchasing a new iron, you are probably thinking about upgrading your ironing board as well. While you may think that all ironing boards are exactly the same, that’s far from the truth, as there are so many different models on the market today. You’ll find that no two ironing boards are exactly the same, and some even allow you to sit down for a more comfortable ironing experience. Today we’re going to share with you the top considerations you should keep in mind when buying a new ironing board.

How Big is an Ironing Board?

If you live in a smaller home or apartment, you are likely wondering how big an ironing board is and whether you have the space to store it somewhere in your home. Most ironing boards are between about 110cm and 135cm in length. Their width is between 35cm and 45 cm, but many models fold away quite neatly to store in a cupboard. If you have the space for it, we encourage you to buy a larger model. These speed up the ironing process and will help you to get through a big load of washing in a quicker time. On the other hand, a smaller ironing board will be easier to store in your home and is easy to move around if you are working on a tricky piece of ironing.

Adjusting the Height

If you are particularly short or tall, we encourage you to think carefully about whether your ironing board can be adjusted in height. Most models today are fully adjustable, but some have a greater range than others. Many people prefer to sit down and iron, so if that’s the case, look for one that will allow you to sit on a chair or a stool and keep ironing. This is something that many people often overlook, but it can result in terrible back and neck pain if you are hunched over for a long time. Ensure your ironing experience is a comfortable one, or you will dread this chore every time you have to do it.

The Surface of Your Ironing Board

Most ironing boards come with a steel mesh surface as standard. These allow steam to easily pass through the board, which stops moisture from building up in the board. You may even notice that your ironing board has a tray underneath it, which allows it to collect water and stop it from dripping down to the floor. A really fancy ironing board may have a suction fan, which draws steam out of your clothing for better results. 

Some ironing boards are made from wood in part, and they also feature holders to allow steam to disappear through. While most ironing boards are made from steel, you will find a few different materials to create a more retro look. Whichever material your ironing board is made from, just ensure that it’s safe and has a guarantee to ensure you don’t risk an accident from happening in your home.

Safety Considerations

When it comes to buying a new ironing board, safety should always be of top consideration. Make sure it has a parking area for your iron, which will ensure you don’t have to place it down on a table or anywhere else, which could be dangerous. If you are using a steam generator unit, you’ll find that some tables have a platform on them for this device. Many ironing boards use heat-resistant materials, such as silicone, which allow you to lay down your iron safely.

When it comes to the storage of your ironing board, you’ll find there are many with lockable legs, which ensure that your ironing board doesn’t suddenly collapse when you are in the middle of using it. This also makes it much easier to carry and store the ironing board without risking it opening up again. Finally, you may find that ironing boards today have a cord minder, which helps to keep your cord out of your way when you are in the middle of your ironing.

Ironing Board Covers

Finally, before purchasing your ironing board, make sure you can find a cover to fit it. There are many stretchy covers on offer, which will fit almost any size of ironing board, as they just stretch over the board to fit properly. Ironing board covers allow you to express your personality, and they come in a variety of colours and designs. Find one that matches your home décor for a more cohesive look, or opt for a fun design that will make ironing a little more enjoyable each time you have to finish off a huge load of washing.

An ironing board can help to make this chore so much more enjoyable and will ensure that you can safely enjoy ironing in the comfort of your own home. For many of us, ironing is one of our least favourite chores, but by following all of these tips listed above, you’ll find the experience is more comfortable and pleasant. While we’d all love to be able to outsource our washing to someone else, for most of us, this isn’t a possibility. By considering your iron and ironing board purchase carefully, you’ll find you can speed up this chore and spend more time doing the things you really enjoy.