Using Your Car DVR to Protect Others

Sankar Shubham

A car dash cam or simply dash cam, also called vehicle video recorder, dashboard cam, or Event data recorder, is an in-dash video camera that continually records the moving scene through the windshield and either back or front windows of a vehicle. It can be used by the driver or the police without the driver's knowledge or consent. Most dash cams record both sides of the road and are good for up to about 30 minutes. A new trend is for manufacturers to include video advertising on the vehicles.

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) dash cams are a great way for you to document a car accident for insurance company purposes. If there is an involved car accident, insurance companies will view it on your dash cam before they call you to tell you that they have a policy claim. By watching the car accident on your camera, they will know if they should offer you a settlement or pay you full price for the claim. If the insurance company determines that the crash was not your fault, you may receive nothing. If they believe you were at fault, they may do everything possible to pay you off such as reducing your premium.

Dash cams are also a great way to catch a fraud tax investigator in the act of trying to fraudulently get you to drop your car insurance rates. This is because the camera records everything on the recording. If you become suspicious that the person on the tape is committing a fraud, the individual will immediately be identified on the recording. The individual will then be arrested and held criminally liable for this crime. By using a car dashcam to help identify tax fraud, you are helping to ensure that the tax laws stay fair for all drivers.

Another great way to help prevent auto insurance fraud is to immediately report any new changes to your policy that you notice. Many insurance companies will start to raise rates right away without warning. It's not always easy to determine if a company is just changing their rates to make them look better, or if they have actually raised rates without telling you. Using a car dashcam to monitor your rates can help you detect any unusual activity. If you notice any increase in your premium, it is important that you contact the company right away.

An accident is an unfortunate circumstance, but there is no need to let this happen to you. By using a car dashcam to film any potential vehicle accidents, you can help prevent anyone from hurting themselves or others on the road. While it is unfortunate that these incidents occur, it is important to remember that they are preventable with effective monitoring devices. By documenting any potential accidents on your dash cam, you can ensure that if another driver or a police officer sees anything on the tape that they will know to stop the driver and get them out of the car safely.

Car dashcams can also be used during traffic violations. Sometimes innocent people get pulled over for something they did not do wrong. Dash cams can offer evidence against these drivers helping them in court. Some dashcams come equipped with video equipment so you can capture the entire traffic stop without any interference from other cars or background noise. This means you won't miss any scenes that could prove to be valuable.

Another great thing about dashcams is that they can be built into your vehicle. If you already have a dashboard camera installed, you can take video files of any accidents or illegal activities by simply adding them to your existing system. Many vehicles come with a built-in camera, but others are compatible with tiny video capture devices. With a built-in camera, you can be sure that whatever activity is happening on the road will be caught on tape.

Car dashcams are all over the road. Some may be recording as part of their car rental package, while others are simply available for purchase. Both are effective means of ensuring the safety of others. Whether you're an insurance provider or a driver, a dashcam can protect your family.