Lego Pottery Advent Calendars For the Holidays

Eloise Muriel

Get expert shopping tips sent to your cell phone by the Lego Group. First things first; you'll need to figure out where to order. After all, Lego usually sells out very fast.

Fortunately, the Lego Marvel The Avengers Christmas Special is currently sold out at various retailers, as revealed below. A Christmas special is Lego's way of saying "thank you" for buying all those sets in the past. So, what can you get in the way of gifts? Well, aside from a free Marvel Super Hero minifigures and a Marvel Avengers ornament, the second Christmas Special will include the following:

- eight-page spread-out double sided advent calendar (regular, monthly, quarterly etc.) containing a selection of eight themed panels. There's the obligatory battle between the Fantastic Four and the Avengers, plus an interlude featuring Spiderman and Iron Man. The eight-page spread will also feature three side-by-side alternate view Avengers pictures, four themed panels of Spiderman, and a fourth featuring Dr Doom. It's the sort of thing that can give parents a real laugh, although it does make sense why Lego would include a Avengers minifigures with their Avengers calendars - it's purely for marketing purposes!

- The featured villain in the Avengers Christmas Special is Baron von Frankenstein. If you're a big fans of building legs and magic wands, then this might be a good theme for your advent calendar. Some pieces that you can buy include: the wand of invisibility (for a creepy spider), rotating jelly fingers (to mimic Peter Parker's web shooter abilities), a silver spiderweb, a rectangular blackboard (to write things on), a magnetic board, a metal stick, and the classic spider's web. Some of these pieces come in a variety of colours. You could also buy individual pieces for the different characters to build their own Marvel Comics versions of their favourite villains. This makes for great custom Lego builds and also means you'll have pieces from each character's collection, making your Marvel Comics advent calendar that much more complete and unique.

- If you're a huge fan of Doctor Who, then you may earn some points with your Doctor Who advent calendar this year. There are two pieces you can buy to recreate the iconic TARDIS, which has taken on an entirely new look in the Doctor Who movie series. The first piece is a cardboard TARDIS, and the second is a Dalekium Cube, which features an Dalek egg. Each shows a different Doctor Who quote, such as: "I am the Doctor, the Time Lord, the Prince of Light, the Master of the Earth, known as the Doctor Who."

- Most of us love the concept of Legos, but we don't want to be limited to just building super heroes when we want something really exciting for Christmas. You can build a super hero for Christmas, and it's even easier if you purchase the right type of Lego toy. Some of the best Christmas Lego advent calendars include Super Sonic Mega Millions, which takes you back to the early 1970s. It includes a white, yellow and blue board, which has a number of different tasks you can do to make sure you get it done on time, and comes with a magnetic red and black action figure. This may earn you extra points with your kids this year, because they'll know how much effort goes into fulfilling such a goal.

- If your kids are big fans of the Harry Potter series, then you may want to consider buying them a Lego Advent Calendar. Harry Potter is loved by many young people, and it would be a great idea to give them a lovely Lego Christmas present. They will get to relive some of the most amazing moments in the books, with a beautiful wizardry-themed advent calendar filled with pictures from all of the movies. On most of these calendars, there will be a small piece of the Diagon Alley with details from each of the Harry Potter films. This is a wonderful idea for the movie fan, and you might want to buy more than one so that you can give them all as gifts during the holidays.

- There are also some really fun Lego Potter advent calendars that you can purchase. The holidays are almost here, so you need to start thinking about gifts for your loved ones, and these are always a hit. Most of these deluxe Christmas Lego sets include six minifigures of the main characters from the Potter series, as well as one of the bad guys. Some of them include Harry Potter himself, as well as Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Harry Potter's other friends and love interests. These deluxe sets also come with a special treat bag that includes the main movie ticket, a collector's edition hardcover book, and three Christmas themed Lego figures. Of course, the best part about these is that they come out in December!